Based on the true account of Kyle Bufis harrowing journey through the vast wilderness of life’s journey with Mount Rainier via an extremely dangerous route on June 11. (pronounced: /reɪˈnɪər/).

Reaching the summit of Mount Rainier is considered one of the great achievements in Mountaineering.

Kyle BufisBlaise Wilson

This was my families first Christmas without my uncle Kyle and as a present his girlfriend Ashley made a picture of him into a puzzle and gave us each a piece so when we get together we can build the puzzle and he’ll be there with us R.I.P Kyle forever loved and forever missed. jealous you got to celebrate Jesus birthday with him.




Kyle Bufis was highly spiritual and trained as a climbing instructor. He also held a WFA certification in wilderness first aid.

Kyle Bufis  perished in a harsh storm after reaching the summit of Mount Rainier. A spiritual life caught in high winds and whiteout conditions. Kyle had a life with god and was always flanked with gods love by his side.

Brotherhood of the rope: The weather was deteriorating Derek Gavelis and Mathew Wiech were devastated by not being able to find their friend, after a harrowing search in a blinding storm, freezing temperatures, high winds and dense fog they hunkered in a craves while making rational emergency assessments to survive the storm. Once they’d done all they could they  walked wearily down to Base Camp on their own. Both were devastated by not finding there friend, but were in good physical condition,

Life-Changing Adventure: Often we are just so eager that we get ahead of ourselves and a mountain will bring us back to focus on the most immediate critical steps ahead so that we can focus our learning to what was most critical at the time.

Kyle was on a journey of helping others and living life to the fullest. What is your goal or your challange. “Kyle volunteered to help others,” ���That was the last time they saw him.” Sue Bufis

“I truly believe that Kyle was cloaked by gods love and spiritualy kept warm as he passed over. Alone in the physical world but surround by Angels and God”. Sue Bufis